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Aspen Trash  provides residential household trash & recycling service in the city of Aspen COLORADO and surrounding areas.    


Aspen Trash Incorporated

(970) 963-7098

P O Box 744

Carbondale COLORADO 81623



Be Bear Aware


Keep trash in bear proof containers or a secure building (replace exterior lever door knobs with round door knobs).

Do not leave pet food outside.

If bears are present remove all bird feeders, including Hummers.

Clean your BBQ and remove grease traps and burn off food residue.

Do not put fruit and veggies in compost piles

Pick all fruit from trees as it ripens and remove all fallen fruit from the ground. Consider a fruitless tree if beginning a landscape project.

Keep all lower level windows and doors closed and secured. If a bear enters your house open doors and do not get between the bear and the escape route.

MOST IMPORTANT Do not feed the bears, try to approach them, take photos of them. Call the Division of Wildlife at 947-2920 m-f 8:00 to 5:00 after hours contact the Colorado State Patrol or your local Sheriff or Police Dept.




For each death caused by a black bear, there are:

17 deaths from spiders
180 deaths from bees and hornets
90,000 deaths from homicides
25 from snake bites
150 from tornados
374 from lightening

We place our wildlife at risk when we act irresponsibly.  Visit our Bear Aware page for more info on bears.