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Wildlife Protection Ordinance

Bear Update

The Aspen Police Department, in cooperation with the City of Aspen, brought forth changes to the Wildlife Ordinance regarding wildlife resistant refuse containers. As of March 8, 2010 the Aspen City Council approved the following changes:


  • Day of Pick-Up

        All refuse containers placed outside for day of pick service must be wildlife resistant. Wildlife- resistant refuse containers may be placed outside between the hours of 6AM and 7PM. This proposed change will eliminate bear access to human-food sources, thereby decreasing bear habituation.

  • Registration of Refuse Containers

Haulers operating within the city limits are required to identify each refuse container. The refuse container identification must relate back to the current client responsible for the container. This proposed change will greatly increase our ability to contact the responsible refuse container owner regarding issues of non-compliance or to resolve any damage as a result of a bear intrusion.

  • Construction Site

Must have a wildlife-proof  refuse container in conjunction with on-site roll-off dumpster. This proposed change will minimize the possibility of food refuse being placed into a roll-off construction dumpster, thereby reducing the bears access to human-food sources.


These changes will become effective on June 1, 2010 for all businesses and residences within Aspen city limits. For questions regarding Wildlife Ordinance changes, please contact the Aspen Police Department at (970) 920-5400 or our Bear Hotline (970) 429-1768 to speak with one of their Community Safety Officers.


For more general information about bears, please visit or the DOW website at Or call the Bear Hotline at (970) 429-1768 with general questions. And for problems with bears call the Aspen Police Department at (970) 920-5400. In case of emergency call 911.

Non-compliant waste containers are subject to the following Penalty AssessmentsCity of Aspen -
  • 1st Offense: $250
  • 2nd Offense: $500
  • 3rd Offense: $999 + mandatory court appearance

For more information see: