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We have gone SINGLE STREAM .  This means all the recyclables we collect can go into one container. Please make sure to note the NO, Do Not Include below. 

Pitkin County 2016

Recycle Guidelines


Recycle must be in a recycle  container or a paper bag. 

Pitkin County WILL NOT accept recycle in plastic bags.


NO, DO NOT INCLUDE: PLASTIC BAGS, Styrofoam, Bubble wrap, Plastic Film, Ceramic dishware, Glassware, PIZZA BOXES, Foam food containers.



Cardboard (all boxes must be broken down flat)

Newspaper, Magazines 

Metal/Steel/Tin Cans, Aluminum

Plastic Containers #1-7 Glass bottles & Jars

Paper bags, Phone books, Paperback books, Office paper

Cereal/beer boxes, Milk/juice cartons (Please break down/ collapse cartons and boxes when possible)


If you would like to compost contact EverGreen Zero Waste
at  or call Alyssa at (970)987-3140.  They are our very own locally owned compost company and offer a variety of composting services for residential, business and special events.

Recycle Drop Off Locations:
click on the link below for a map to the recycling locations up and down the valley. Choose the recycling tab above the map.
Rio Grande Drop-off Center (Aspen)
· Office Pack Telephone Books
· Newspaper Magazines
· Cardboard Co-mingled containers

Pitkin County Solid Waste Center
· Office Pack Newspaper
· Magazines Cardboard
· Co-mingled containers

Glenwood Springs Recycling Center
· Office Pack Magazines
· Cardboard Co-mingled containers
· Newspaper
What Happens to City of Aspen’s Recycling?
Log on to the City of Aspens Website   to download Brochures, Recycling Newsletter - Aspen’s Recycling Ordinance, Drop-off Sites, Info on Hard to Recycle Items, Recycling Tips, Holiday Tips and more
Hard to Recycle Items:
If you have electronic equipment to recycle, you can bring it to the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center (landfill) for a nominal fee. Residents can also bring computers to City Hall – go to the finance window to fill out a donation form and pay the nominal fee ($20 for a complete computer, $10 for just a monitor or keyboard).

If you have printer toners you should call or go on the manufacturer’s website. Most companies offer free return shipping to recycle toners and cartridges. You can stop by the Environmental Health Office and pick up a pre-paid mailing envelope to send the cartridges off to be recycled

The Pitkin County Solid Waste Center (landfill) accepts various types of hazardous waste. Check out these websites, or call 923-3487, to get more information on what can be accepted and how to handle your hazardous waste.

If you have questions about other hard to recycle materials, please contact the City of Aspen at 920-5039.
Yard Waste Recycling

The City of Aspen’s recycling ordinance prohibits anyone from throwing away grass and leaves in the trash. This is because organic wastes make up the second largest volume of material at the landfill. If your hauler finds grass and leaves in your trash, they will not pick it up and will leave an audit card instructing you to call the Environmental Health Department. Click the link below for more information.